Thursday, October 13, 2016

5 Golden Rules To Help You Take Care Of Your Skin

#1 Must Take Specific care for each skin type

In order to take care of  your skin, you must be sure to choose products specially designed for your skin type. Dry skin does not have the same needs as oily skin.

#2 You Must Pay Special Attention To Fragile Areas

Some parts of your face (eye contour, lips, etc.) have particularly pretty fragile skin. They need specific care, especially the eye contour and the lips. These areas of your face are more sensitive and deserve special attention for your own good.

#3 You Must Remove Your Make Up

Taking care of sensitive skin begins with make-up removal.  In order not to stress your skin and to respect its natural balance, make sure to use a pH-neutral make-up remover, specially formulated to cleanse your epidermis gently.

#4 You Must Be Sun Protected

Whatever the season, choose daily skincare products that include solar filters. They reduce the harmful effects of the sun, which accelerates skin ageing.

#5 You Must Watch Out For External Stress

Pollution, smoke, stress… All these have harmful effects on the skin. Use skincare products to protect your skin against these daily stresses before leaving the house and cleanse your skin thoroughly when you come home in the evening.

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